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PT. Smartec Technology Indonesia

PT. Smartec Technology, a professional FinTech company specializing in personal financial service, Peer to Peer lending, is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its management team comes from international banks and global internet & FinTech companies, who have profound professional insights for internet financial products, and have rich practical experiences in risk management and operation.


Smartec has earned itself incredible reputation for its expertise. So far, it has established close partnership with Fund and Wealth Management institutions, banks, brokers, Micro-insurance providers, third-party payment companies, AFPI registered loan-collection companies, OJK permitted credit scoring providers and other professional organizations. It destines to be Indonesia’s leading platform for personal and micro finance service.


Based on its cutting edge fraud and credit management capabilities, combined with big data and AI technologies, the company provides clients, either lenders or borrowers, with relevant financial information, addresses to the financial needs for personal consumption and SMEs, with no less than 20% of the total loan portfolio dedicated to micro finance to SMEs. It also provides high-net worth individuals and financial institutions with professional, secure and comprehensive P2P and wealth management services.


Smart Finance

Our platform is a mobile-based lending platform that helps customers with an urgent need for small-sum short-term loans. It provides 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 rupiah loans for 30 to 90 days.

Risk Management Platform

We have developed an advanced risk management system leveraging our proprietary technology, algorithms and data sources.

Data Research

This system enable us to assess the credit-worthiness of our borrowers more effectively and provide risk-based pricing for our products to better serve.

Banking System

Loan Management

Contract Management

Payment Management

Post-origination Service

Products management


Smartec managememt team is composed of experts with many years of experience in banking, finance, and financial technology in Indonesia and abroad. They are deeply engaged in the field of financial technology.

Dr. Ooi

Dr. Ooi

Dr.Ooi obtained his Doctorate in Business Administration and management from the University of South Australia. He was instrumental in starting the company and directing its operations and strategic plans.

He brings over 20 years risk management and compliance experience in his long leadership and visionary role in supervising business strategy, business development, business channel, business operations, and support throughout the region Asia-Pacific from a NASDAD listed banking solution company.

Prior to this, he was a staff accountant for the third largest U.S. health insurance organization and then a financial analyst for U.S. savings banks in Los Angeles for over years.

Roy Prakoso

Roy Prakoso

Roy obtained a Master's degree at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, majoring in Banking.

He has a career experience in Finance and Banking institutions more than 25 years. He is also actively involved as a professional Trainer and Speaker in the field of Risk Management in various financial, banking and IT institutions. He also played an important role in directing corporate activities in the financial industry and banks to always comply with applicable regulations.


Satriya Putra

Satriya obtained his Bachelor of Economics degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta, majoring in Management.

He has had a brilliant career as a Director in several business consulting companies working in the field of risk management and Information Technology Management with clients both from banks and other financial services companies.



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Application process completes in 1 minute.

Quick Funding

Getting money in 2 minutes at the fastest, truly helpful for people with urgent cash needs.

Precise Amount

Big data-based risk control model for screening customers to achieve precise loan amount.

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